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The Law Dogs are a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (L.E.M.C.) that was founded in North Texas in mid-2000 by five friends. We did not all ride Harleys and work in Law Enforcement, so we did not all qualify for the established LE clubs in our area. Simply, we did not want to have to drop our buddies that didn't qualify, but we do have high regard for all the other established LEMC Clubs and respect their organizations. With this in mind and the idea of bringing Public Safety and the community closer together, the Nation of Law Dogs was formed. 

Law Dogs LE-MC non-profit organization currently has over 25 chapters in various states and 1 in Europe. The Red River Area of Texas (Founding Chapter), North Texas, South Texas, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, Alaska, Georgia, Arizona, Delaware, Colorado, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Romania. Law Dogs chapters are forming all over the United States. Check with your local chapter for information on how to start a chapter in your area... 

Law Dogs LE-MC. is One of the Fastest Growing Law Enforcement Clubs in the Country. Please do your part and share the Brotherhood with a Friend. Many changes have taken place within the Club. The Time to Join Is NOW!!

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